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P4 Medicine at the core

Clinical Experts

& Modern Technology

The quality of Sarena's premium care starts from the second a patient walks through the door to their longterm healthcare plan.
Sarena's doctors are leading experts and researchers in their clinical fields. Sarena clinic emphasises kindness, sincere human care and the latest, modern science and technology.

Sarena works closely with scientific institutions and universities to leverage modern advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, biomarker research and drug development to allow early diagnostics and prevention of diseases, which remain largely unknown to the mainstream global medical community.

SARENA's logo represents the 4 elements of P4 Medicine, it is an approach to make medicine more Predictive, Preventive, Personalised and Participatory. Its two major objectives are to quantify wellness and predict and prevent disease. P4 medicine aims to be able to detect and treat perturbations in healthy individuals long before disease symptoms appear, thus optimising the wellness of individuals and avoiding disease. P4 medicine represents a move away from models of reacting to illness to maintaining health across the lifespan.

Human Experience

Medicine is now undergoing a major revolution that will transform the nature of healthcare from reactive to preventive. The changes will be catalysed by a new systems approach to disease that will trigger the emergence of personalised medicine — a medicine that focuses on the integrated diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease in individual patients.​

Clinical Expertise

The human experience, a caring and loving attitude towards our patients is at the core of SARENA. The notion of longevity and healthy aging as a major priority for healthcare will undoubtedly substantially impact primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. Our practicing doctors had each more than 10 years of specialist training and clinic experience.

P4 Medicine

Key benefits of P4 Medicine, to the patient and to the system, include new abilities to:

• Detect disease at an earlier stage, when it is easier and less expensive to treat effectively
• Stratify patients into groups that enable the selection of optimal therapy
• Reduce adverse drug reactions by more effective early assessment of individual drug responses
• Improve the selection of new biochemical targets for drug discovery
• Reduce the time, cost, and failure rate of clinical trials for new therapies
• Shift the emphasis in medicine from reaction to prevention and from disease to wellness


Years ahead of the Rest.
Conventional clinics take about 17 years after a new treatment has been developed to offer it to you. Sarena directly provides access to any new medical discoveries and drugs available immediately when they get approved.


Years of Experience. 
Sarena has been a global leader in private medicine. The combined experience of our doctors and specialists guarantee that you get the best treatment and prevention options available before other clinics can provide them.


Preventable Diseases. 
The World Health Organisation states that 80% of all chronic diseases are preventable. Sarena is there to make this a reality for you.



Sarena partners with a unique global network of scientific and medical and service experts for excellence in personalised healthcare.


Preventive Medicine Research

Institute for Systems Biology


Research Institute



Genomics solution provider

Oxford Nanopore


World leaders in genomics sequencing

Medical Concierge

Yacht and Private Aviation Medicine


Exercise & Fitness

Fitness Solutions

La Vie Rebelle

Luxury Concierge Services

Concierge Services for Patients


Dr Michael Sagner, MD

Scientist & Clinician

Dr. Sagner is a medical doctor and researcher specializing in sports medicine and preventive medicine. Dr. Sagner was the medical director and attending physician at Europe’s first University medical center section for preventive medicine and lifestyle medicine where he oversaw an interdisciplinary team of medical doctors, nurses, exercise physiology specialists, physiotherapists and nutritionists and was involved in top league athletes. He then co-founded a private clinic group and research institute for cardiology, metabolism, endocrinology, preventive medicine and sports medicine where he looks after elite athletes, VIPs and executives.

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